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My name is Earl

My Name is Earl

I remember the Saturday I got a call from Barbara Bruin asking me if I would foster, as she had three sick kitties that were to be euthanized the following Monday.  I said yes, although my husband complained.

I originally agreed to take a female who needed some care and loving. After thinking about this I called Barbara back to let her know I didn’t think a female would work in my home with three boys.  I then agreed to take a male kitten with an upper respiratory infection who would have to be separated.  Little did I know.  When we went to pick up the kitten that afternoon our lives changed.

After filling out some paperwork, a cardboard carrier was brought out. When we looked inside we saw a tiny black and white kitten.  He wasn’t complaining or crying.  I put my hand in to touch him and told him, “You’re not a kitty, you’re a baby cow!”  His little face looked like the face of a Holstein cow!

Although the kitten had been given a name that I no longer remember, his tag was blank.  It said, “My name is ______.”  My husband immediately said that his name was Earl.  Yes, we were fans of the crazy television show called ” My Name is Earl.”

When we got home we put Earl in a separate bathroom which we had furnished with a bed, litter box, food and a humidifier. I held him and told him we would take care of him.  I think we both fell in love that day.

He had a slow recovery, but we babied him every day until he was able to meet our three boys, Bruce, Jet and Leche.  He did fine with the big boys.

Barbara called to see how we were doing and to see if we wanted to take him back to the shelter. I told her I was in love and he was now our baby (although my husband now says he wanted to give him back!).  I told Barbara that I suck at fostering.

Earl has grown up to be very handsome, loving and cuddly in bed and bossy!  He is our troublemaker and my husband calls him a bandido. (We think he keeps a karma list like Earl in the TV show.)

I love telling Barbara that all her friends now have an extra pet.  Thank you Barbara for our Earl.

-Claudette Romero, Albuquerque, NM