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My Best Friend Gabriel

This is my best friend Gabriel. Gabriel was brought in to the Albuquerque Westside shelter as a “stray” by Animal Control. Gabriel was malnourished, neglected and despondent. According to kennel manager, Mary Knight, Gabriel was put on the euthanasia list at the recommendation of herself and Janet Kramer a veterinarian for the shelter at that time. Their reasoning for euthanasia was poor health.

Barbara Bruin, shelter director, gave Gabriel the gift of hope and took him off of the euthanasia list. Her efforts, coupled with Kodi’s Club rescue, has given our family a wonderful companion, and family member.

Today Gabriel enjoys good health and is not only my best friend but a wonderful friend to my 89 yr old mother who is homebound. This past summer my mother’s health began declining.

Gabriel After His Recovery

One day while I was at work my mother had decided she would get in the shower. She said Gabriel went in her bathroom and laid in front of the shower door, something he had never done before. She said he refused to get up regardless of her attempts to get him to move, but decided he knew best.

My mom was taken to the hospital the next day after she collapsed at the doctor’s office.

Gabriel’s story is just one of many true stories of our shelter animals. Gabriel would not have had a story had it not been for Barbara Bruin. Our family would have missed out on such a beautiful blessing.

– Mary Jaynes, Albuquerque

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