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Bomber and Sleepy

We will always be grateful for the gifts we have in our home, Bomber and Sleepy.  Bomber did not have the best life before he came into our lives. He had been mistreated and had several behavioral issues. He also has Ehrlichia, a tick born disease. He came into the shelter only weighing 45lbs (he is an 85 lb dog) and covered in ticks which had actually eaten holes in his ears.  His health was very poor and no one thought he would make it, but Barb wanted to give him the chance he deserved. We were in a position to take him as foster. After patience,  a lot of training (for him and for us) and lots of love, he is now a valued member of our family (we ended up adopting this angel). We learned a lot from him and he learned to trust and love. He has flourished and now is a very spoiled.

Bomber’s sister Sleepy came to the shelter as an older puppy and had been abandoned in a back yard for three months with another dog.  From what I understand the other dog did not make it. Sleepy, as weak and lethargic as she was, pulled through. She spent approximately 5 months in protective custody at the shelter, then went to general population where she became my project dog.  She was adopted by a family who after several months surrendered her to the Valencia County shelter for euthanasia for barking too much at the neighbors dogs. Since Barbara became Director, Valencia County will call the City whenever one of the animals adopted from the shelter is surrendered to them. The City went and picked up Sleepy. Her toenails were so long she should not walk, she had ticks, missing fur and blisters (she has allergies) and her ears were thick and she had blood coming from them.

The City immediately started taking care of Sleepy. She was happy to be back at the shelter, now almost like a home.  She was again adopted by a couple. This time it was a difficult situation. The family had adopted her to be a therapy dog for schizophrenia. Sadly for both, the violent situation ended up with Sleepy coming back to the shelter. She ended coming home with us as a foster.  She had a lot to work through.  She needed to feel safe and secure.  She needed lots of love.  She has that now, she also ended becoming a valued member of our family. These are only  two of the countless stories of animals lives who were saved, touched and forever changed because one person cared.  Our family will be forever grateful!!

Thank you Barbara!!!!  – Kelly Guidarelli, Albuquerque, NM