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A Loving Life for Molly

We are blessed to be the ‘parents’ of the most amazing fur-baby, Molly.  She came to us by way of Barbara Bruin, Animal Welfare Director for the City of Albuquerque.

We’ve always been dog lovers and have always had at least two, until our hearts were broken when we had two pass away within three months of each other.  Barbara tried unsuccessfully to get us to adopt, but we weren’t over the pain.  Through perseverance and good timing, Barbara sent me an email with Molly’s picture and asked if we could foster her for 30 days.

Molly had been in the shelter for three months; she was 12 years old and on pain meds twice a day.  Otherwise healthy and happy, Molly was being sent to a sanctuary in Utah to live out her final days in peace.  How could we say ‘no’ to that adorable face and giving the girl a little freedom before her journey?

Barbara brought Molly to our home a few days later.  After exploring the yard, Molly came in and crawled painfully up on the couch to sit by Barbara.  We talked as Barbara petted Molly and Molly watched me.  After a few minutes, Molly crawled off that couch, came over to me and painfully made her way up to my lap.  She kind of flung herself on my lap and looked up at me with the most amazing golden brown eyes.  My eyes filled with tears as I thought about the life she’s had and being sent away to a sanctuary.  I’m sure they’d treat her right, but she needed a loving home.

My husband came through just at that time, saw my eyes, rolled his and said, “Oh brother!  I knew this was a bad idea.”

Barbara left and Molly followed her to the door to say goodbye.  She then turned her attention to Larry.  He took longer than me, maybe five minutes, but we both knew that Molly had found her forever home.  We immediately started trying to figure out what we were going to do with the upcoming business trips, because our caregiver had moved out of state and there was no way Molly was going to a kennel – not even for one day.

Molly is an absolutely love.  She’s talkative and expressive like no other dog we’ve known.  Some think she is spoiled; we think she just took over.  Because we home office, Molly has beds in each of our office as well as three other rooms where she generally finds herself supervising us.

At 63 pounds, she is a big bundle of love who often acts like a lap puppy.  She’s off the pain meds now and her scrawny, atrophied legs are strong and healthy.  Molly takes us for a half mile walk every day with amazing energy.  We’re often trotting to keep up with her.

When we went to the shelter to officially adopt Molly and cancel plans for the sanctuary, they showed us pictures of her at about 3 months and 8 months – in the same shelter.  We don’t know what happened to Molly in between her three stints in puppy jail, but we know she’s had a pretty rough life.  Her vet said one of her back legs had been busted and she’s apparently had several litters of puppies.

Through it all, Molly loves everyone and is always happy.  She is the perfect host at our parties and the best greater for office visitors.

We admit that we are ‘Foster Failures’, but we wouldn’t trade a minute of our time with our girl, Molly.  We know she’s had a tough life, but we’ve promised her a happy ending.  I think we’re getting the better part of that deal!

– Carla and Larry Sonntag,  Albuquerque, NM

Molly as a Puppy

Molly as a “Teenager”