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Archive Monthly Archives: April 2017

A Life Saving Program for Shy Dogs – Part 1

One of the saddest challenges were dogs in our shelter who were shy or particularly frightened.  Previously they would be killed, as they were not considered adoptable.  They were so traumatized by the noisy, chaotic shelter, and the sudden shocking change in their circumstances, that they would cower at the back of their cage and avoid […]

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Travelin’ Jack, New Mexico’s Canine Travel Reporter Adopts Oscar the Cat!

Here is the story of how Travelin’ Jack (the dog) adopted Oscar the Cat. This story shows how preconceived notions of who can successfully adopt animals may need to be reconsidered. In case you haven’t heard of Travelin’ Jack here is a link to his blog (yes a dog with a blog) and the story […]

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